Are you Fundable, even if not yet Bankable, in 2015?

Even if you’re not currently Bankable (in the eyes of ‘traditional lenders’) – you may well be FUNDABLE through Sea-Green Financial Services  and its more than a dozen  other Alternative Financing sources.

At Sea-Green Financial Services, our clients do NOT stay in the dark about their Fundability status. How about  you?  Q: What’s good for your business?  A: Taking the FUNDABILITY TEST:  It won’t hurt at all, and neither will it in any way impact any of your credit scores.

The THREE things that have the most impact on your Business Fundability:

  1. Completing Lender Compliance – If you don’t do anything else in the Business Fundability System, at least do your business the favor of completing ‘Lender Compliance.’ It is the “Start Here” section of the system and it gives your business the strong foundation it needs to build upon.
  2. Optimizing Your BUSINESS Credit Scores –  First, simply complete the ‘Business Credit Asset’ section of the system. For your convenience this section is locked until you complete Lender Compliance, so you won’t have a bunch of “Do Overs.”  It’s the Business Credit Asset section that gets your business set up the right way with all three Business credit reporting agencies.
    – Next, a basic requirement is obtaining at least five  “reporting tradelines” (businesses that will extend a credit line to your company) and have them show up on your Business credit reports. Of course, you’ll need to use these credit lines every month and pay them on time. You’ll find these credit lines in the Vendor Credit Lines section of the system.
  3. Optimizing Your PERSONAL Credit Scores – As a Business Owner, it’s critically important for you to prioritize and optimize your Personal credit. Yes, strong Business Credit scores alone won’t necessarily get you the best credit and funding rates. But combining the power of strong Personal AND Business credit together is what will ultimately get you your “golden ticket” to success.

    So what does this mean for you?  You’ll get… 
    ► Greater access to credit and credit lines
    ► Relief from hassling for expanded credit
    ► Capacity to expand your business
    ► Ability to obtain favorable rates
    ► Power to negotiate better terms
    ► Business-only Lease terms
    ► Good supplier credit
    ► Cash in hand
    and…much more.
    A new world opens up to you and your business.

See how you score in the fundability realm – take the FUNDABILITY TEST now at:  http://www.financeneeds.com/6285  –  It could be quite revealing, and it won’t impact your credit score in any way. Go ahead and click here: http://www.financeneeds.com/6285

Check in with me as soon as you’ve completed the Fundability Test.  818/ 594-1272  – email: Marcie@Seagreen4Cashflow.com

Marcie Green


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