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  MARCIE GREEN, a CFCC (Certified Cash Flow Consultant), is the founder of Sea-Green Financial Services. The company provides consulting services to Businesses as well as to Individuals who are seeking alternative financing solutions to  meet their specific needs and goals.

Her strong work ethic and background experience (25+ years) has positioned Marcie well in generating positive results for clients in the Business, Professional and Legal communities by placing them on a fast track to accelerate their Cash Flow.

  >  Marcie gained FINANCIAL expertise at prominent Regional and 
  National Investment Banking firms for over 15 years, first as a
  Registered Rep/ Broker, then as a Securities Analyst, Portfolio
  Manager, and Editor and Writer of a business newsletter.

Her succinct style of writing serves her well in clearly communicating
  clients’ needs to Funding sources, which gets quick responses and
  faster results for both prospects and clients.

  >  In the LEGAL arena, Marcie has provided legal services to Law  
  Firms for over 10 years – in positions as Office Administrator,
  Paralegal, Legal Secretary, and Judicial Assistant (Bankruptcy Court.). 
  – Understanding the many challenges faced by Attorneys and their
  clients gives her an edge in relating to and working more effectively
  with all the parties in this important niche business funding area. 

Always the avid learner, Marcie likes to share her knowledge with  
  others in various ways. She’s been a guest lecturer at UCLA
  Extension, has presented Sales & Marketing Workshops to business
  and networking groups, and has taught Finance and Investments since
  2001. She continues to enjoy attending various Consulting, Financial,
  Marketing and Public Speaking training sessions. And to further her
  writing skills, Marcie is part of book publisher Lee Pound’s Solutions
  Press Protégé Program.

She is active in several business, marketing and networking groups, including… Bruin Professionals (UCLA), Ali Brown Silver Mastermind Group, Ann Convery “Speak Your Business in 30 Seconds or Less” training, and WE Succeed network. She has chaired the Investment SIG (Special Interest Group) at TUGNET, a computer user group, for over 10 years.  ♦ Prior affiliations include: Board Member of The Greater Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce, Treasurer of Skilanders Ski Club, WRS, and Toastmasters International.

Academic credentials include:    
   ** CCFC – Certified Cash Flow Consultant
   ** CFA-I – Certified Financial Analyst
   ** UCLA – Graduate Studies in Finance, Accounting, Management, Journalism
** B.A., Business Administration – Temple University 

Marcie Green

Sea-Green Financial Services 
16161 Ventura Blvd. #C-713  ♦  Encino, CA91436

 Tel:  818/ 594-1272  

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