Case Studies of Companies Benefiting from… Invoice Funding, i.e., Factoring

   – A Commercial Printer – in business for over 10 years – had a sudden flurry of big orders from three large companies. But, he didn’t have enough money to buy the huge amount of supplies required just to start setting up those new job orders.      

     – Fortunately, the Funder we ‘matched’ him with arranged to purchase some of his invoices (that he was awaiting payment from his customers), and he got the cash he needed the very next day!  Since then (over 2 years ago), our client’s business has nearly doubled because he continued to utilize his Accounts Receivable to fund his growing business.
     – This printer now knows that as long as he keeps new orders coming in, he can always “factor” enough invoices to get ‘next day money’ for additional supplies, inventory or equipment. And, he also has the wherewithal to secure quantity discounts from suppliers, which helps defray the cost of funding.

Equipment Manufacturer With A ‘Time Deadline’      

     •  A Manufacturer of  Electrical Equipment – in business over a dozen years, had acquired several large customers within a short period of time. Good!  But when it began ramping up production schedules to meet the influx of new orders, the company found itself without a banker that would accommodate its larger financial needs. Not so good!

      •  The rest of the story: Because the company had built up a wealth of creditworthy customers over the years, the CEO learned he could use its Accounts Receivable (Invoices for products sold but not yet paid) as “collateral” – and get an infusion of cash within a matter of Days!  By using this cash infusion to get early-pay discounts from its vendors, plus saving a bundle by avoiding taking on “troubled customers,” thanks to the Funder’s ongoing client/account monitoring system, the company went on to  generate record sales and profits over the  next several years. 


 Staffing  AgencyResolves its “waiting for payments” Dilemma 

           The DilemmaA Temporary Staffing Agency – was enjoying the fruits of its successful marketing campaign – only to find that NO banker was willing to fund its rapid growth. (The firm was too young, only 2 years old, its rapid growth was potentially unsustainable, ad infinitum.) You see, the owners needed additional capital to pay their growing number of employees every week. However, their customers (who hire the temp employees) typically waited 30-60, sometimes 90 days before paying. That was a ‘Cash Gap’ the Agency couldn’t sustain.

       The Solution:  Now, through the aegis of Sea-Green Financial, the Agency obtains cash whenever it needs it – by selling some current invoices to its Factoring firm and  having the money wired to their bank account within two days.

       The owners are grateful that they can enjoy this flexible way of accessing
when they need to
. This financing method has continued to propel them to
a higher level of client placements and profits… even as some competitors are withering on the vine.  It’s no wonder the staffing firm continues to refer other businesses to Sea-Green Financial.   

     >>  So, if you know of any Commercial Printers, Manufacturers,
   Staffing agencies, Government Contractors or other companies
   enjoying rapid growth that may be looking for funding, – we’d
   love it if you would refer them to us so we can help them get
   the capital they need to fund their businesses.  <<
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