Got Bankability?

The 3 Best-Kept FUNDING SECRETS Bankers Don’t Want You to Know!
Marcie Green


My business kept sputtering. We were in a constant Cash Bind
    ”When big orders came in we didn’t have enough money to
buy the inventory & supplies just to start the projects. But once
we started using Factoring, I got the cash we needed just when
we needed it. That steady cash flow really saved my business.
– And when word got out that we could handle rush jobs with
no problem, orders came in faster than ever.”   CP

What can factoring do for your business?
As Steven H. put it: “Why wait 30, 60, even 90 days for your invoice to be paid when the cash could be in your bank in 2 days?” That’s precisely the point. And that’s why Factoring, also known as Invoice Factoring or Invoice Funding, has been used for decades by B2B companies (doing business with other businesses).

Cash Flow problem on Monday? Solved on Wednesday!
True! That’s what savvy business owners are doing: using their invoices as collateral to get money in a hurry – in 24-48 hours. What a great “alternative financing” method: it’s working even better these days now that rates have come down along with most interest rates. In fact, “It’s been a God-send for us,” according to several clients, especially since tight credit restrictions are still locking them out of traditional lending channels

Will factoring work for a Manufacturing or Distributing business?
, and Yes. Almost every kind of business that gives “credit terms” to its customers and issues Invoices to them and then waits (and waits, etc.) for their payment, can use Factoring.

    Examples –  Companies manufacturing or wholesaling:
Clothing… Sports Equipment…  Computers…  Machinery…
Medical Devices… and Service companies such as Staffing
agencies, IT firms, Architects and even Non-Profits. You name
it, all these
businesses and many more are using Factoring to

What if Your Business didn’t have a sparkling past 2 years?
Not the biggest obstacle. Most important is having creditworthy customers – those who can readily pay their bills but may be delaying payments. How come? Well, it’s the Factoring company that purchases your invoices who will now be receiving payments from your customers.

Key points to remember: Because Factoring
involves a purchase of your invoices (not a loan
against them), your business gains tremendous
value. (1) You’ve got cash immediately, (2) You
haven’t borrowed any money, so there’s no monthly
payments to make, and (3) No new debt will show up on your balance sheet (because you don’t have any).

Your own Customers may well envy you for having secured a good financial resource with consistent cash flow that gives you the ability to keep your business thriving.

Want to see if your business qualifies for this Alternative Funding? O.K. Just call us now at:  818/ 594-1272… or go to SeagreenFinancial.com/ and click on BizFunding FAQ’s

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