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Attention: Business Owner, Financial officer Service Provider, Individual:
Need financing in a hurry?  Love to escape those piles of paperwork (3 yrs. of financials, tax returns, etc.) plus restrictive conditions that “traditional” lending sources insist you comply with?  Here’s an opportunity to get all your ducks lined up in a row and get…                          Cash when You Need It !  

     Do you have all your ducks lined up in a row?

The top U.S. financing companies we work with provide funding in specific ‘niche’ areas. And as “Financial Matchmakers” our team has expertise in all the areas shown below. 

♦   Accounts Receivable Financing or Factoring  –
Works great for your company when you provide goods or services to other
     Commercial Businesses or to Government Agencies.

 – Use the very Invoices that you send out to customers, as “financial
collateral” to get cash right away. With Invoice to Cash in 48 hours
relax and enjoy the liberty of paying your own bills early and get early-pay
discounts and better pricing terms when you buy in bulk,  plus other perks.
Saves you time and the stress of juggling payments to vendors,

employees and the tax collector! And it’ll perk up your bottom line!

   ♦   Purchase Order funding (P.O. funding), an extension of Factoring).
        You get to capitalize on the strength of your suppliers to fulfill a sudden
        rush of new orders or handle much larger customers! 

– With P. O. funding, you get to bypass the frustration of scrambling
around for short-term loans or giving up equity. You now have the buying
power to close more higher end sales and compete more effectively in your

♦  !! NEW NEW !!  ~ REVENUE-BASED Financing ~   Your business is generating consistent good monthly revenue but your credit history is not the best. You may just qualify for a “true business loan” (from $10,000 to $2 million) which comes with quick approval and the funding you need now.  Phone:  818/ 594-1272.

–  UNSECURED FINANCING – Come on and be a ‘happy camper in business’ by using this finance method – if your credit is good but your Banker doesn’t understand your business. Enjoy the many benefits offered by Alternative Funding.   Your Complimentary Consultation is just a quick phone call to us at818/ 594-1272

– MERCHANT CASH ADVANCES – based on either your current level of business or… your future Credit Card business.  Get the details now from Marcie:  818/ 594-1271.


   ► LEGAL FUNDING – is a great boon for both Law Firms that require additional working capital (not easily available through traditional banking sources), and for Plaintiffs, clients who are suffering severe financial hardships while waiting for their cases to settle.

♦  Funding of Legal Cases (usually non-recourse for Plaintiffs), can run the gamut of… Class Actions and Patent Infringement … to Personal Injury, Serious Slip & Fall, Wrongful Termination, Elder Abuse, Med Malpractice and… Whistleblowing. 

♦  Marcie will personally “match” your Law Firm or your Client with a specialty
Legal Funder who has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the specific legal area
that’s required. Relieves you of the chore of locating an unknown or non-
recommended financing source, potential hidden fees and unclear terms.

  >> Set up a confidential consultation with Marcie at: – 818/ 594-1272  <<

►  MEDICAL-RELATED RECEIVABLES Funding – Is your Medical Services business forever waiting and waiting for that interminable “the check is in the mail?
And once you receive payment, is it always the full amount you billed for? Not by a long shot, is it?  – Can your business afford to be in such a vulnerable position? 

Whether you run a Medical/Nurse Staffing firm, Transcription Service, Med. Coding  operation or Medical Supply company… you need to get paid on time. Agreed?
      SOLUTION:  With Medical Receivables Financing, you not only get payments
      flowing in right away, but you have a professional management system set up
      for your business.  – How cool is that? 
         –  How cool is that? A no-debt funding service to keep your business on the                positive side of the ledger.
♦  One quick call to us at – 818/ 594-1272 – and you’ll see how this service will       simplify your billing, receivables & payables system.

 ►  RETAIL BUSINESS Funding – Not using this growing financing niche yet?
CREDIT CARD Cash Advances has become a windfall for those of you who own or operate RETAIL BUSINESSES – including Restaurants, Pharmacies, General Merchandise stores, etc.

      – Do you bring in at least $6,000 a month in credit card business (Visa and
     MasterCard)?  Yes?  Then you initially Qualify to receive a lump sum of money
     advanced to you when YOU need it. 

      –  Use the funds for… Operating Capital, New or Upgraded Equipment, Store Expansion, and more.    Simple Qualifications    Effortless Pay-Back system.        This is far easier than paying a large chunk of money every month… ‘specially if you’re fresh out of available cash on the due date.
  ♦ Call us and ask for your one-page application now:  818/ 594-1272
INDIVIDUALS  – We’re pleased to offer services to Individuals, who can
Now Get Access to Lump Sums of Money from the following sources…

….Exchange your periodic payouts for a Lump Sum of money.
….Heirs, Get early partial payment of funds due you from a Probate.
….Seniors, Trade high-cost policies for lower-premium ones.

….Convert some (or all) of your winnings into a lump sum of cash.


BOTTOM LINE:  Whichever “niche” area mentioned above fits your circumstances – i.e., you’re a Small LLC, a Larger multi-division corporation or an Individual – contact Sea-Green Financial Services at 818/ 594-1272,  or fill in your information on theCONTACT US’ page.

You’ll get first-hand and personal information from Marcie Green and her team of experts on how to acquire the funds you need to meet your immediate and longer-term financial goals.  

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818/ 594 -1272


email: Marcie@Seagreen4Cashflow.com
website:  SeagreenFinancial.com

              See ‘Bio of Marcie Green’ to learn about Marcie’s exceptional
qualifications in providing financial consulting to businesses and individuals.

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