OUR SERVCES –> So many BENEFITS, so much to GAIN – with Sea-Green Financial

=> Immediate Cash >> always having enough Cash Flow to meet current bills
=> Save money >> buy in bulk and get better pricing.
=> Pay suppliers early and get >> ‘Early-Pay Discounts‘ from them.
=>  Expand both your marketing and staff >>  handle more business.

=> Pay down high-interest debt >>  increases your credit rating.
=> Finance your operations without debt >> cuts down on
          stress, is more productive, and is Smart Business!

Who BENEFITS from using Receivables Financing or Factoring?
–  Companies doing business with other Businesses (B2B)
 –  Companies doing business with Government agencies (B2G)

  Product-oriented companies:
Manufacturers & Distributors of… ♦ Apparel  ♦ Appliances  ♦ Computers
♦ Furniture  ♦ Home Furnishings   ♦ Fitness equipment   ♦ Medical Devices
♦ Cleaning Supplies   ♦ Industrial Machinery   ♦ Good Old Widgets
♦ Food Products   ♦ Promotional items & Accessories… to name a few.

  Service-oriented companies:

Staffing Agencies        ♦ Steel Fabricators            ♦ Consulting Services
♦ Trucking services       ♦ Commercial Printers      ♦ Graphic Designers
♦ Engineering firms       ♦ Electrical Contractors     ♦ Seminar Providers
♦ Cable Installers           ♦ Professional Services      – and many more…
^ ^ ^       ^ ^ ^      ^ ^ ^

Is LEGAL FUNDING for You? – Check out all the Advantages!

  => Law Firms  – Want to handle more clients, larger cases, even
Class Actions…
without being limited by budget constraints?
Eager to ‘free up’ more Rainmaker time?
Now you can… with our Law Firm Funding program. 

  =>  Attorneys  – Want to manage your daily operations with greater ease
and delegate more work to
Staff Attorneys & Paralegals? With a sizeable
cash infusion (but without monthly payments), you could do just that.
Plus, you’d have MORE TIME to generate additional business!

Like this plan? Great.Then call us and let’s talk.818/ 594-1272   
=>  Plaintiffs  – Have you been waiting longer-than-expected for your
Lawsuit to settle?  Are you in a financial bind, and way behind in your

payments – due to your accident?  Find out now if you Qualify for a
monetary advance
Your Case Settles.  If so, you’ll quickly
catch up on your financial commitments.  Call us at:  818/ 594-1272



  >>Is your Structured Settlement outdated? – It was initially set up to cover your Income needs over a set period of time, probably 10, 15 or 20 years. Since then, however, the economy has changed, your situation has changed, and so have your financial commitments. Good news…

>> …Now you can acces a Lump Sum of money from your Structured Settlement.If you’re facing an urgent medical need, or  you’re still paying down several high-cost credit cards, or the roof needs major repairs, or you need funds for education credits or a new business opportunity – get a large chunk of cash now and resolve your current financial predicament.   

 Just call us now to have Sea-Green Financial show you how to get that lump sum of money ASAP.  (818) 594-1272


 • ATTENTION:  HEIRS awaiting payouts from an Inheritance 

>> Need some cash now – before final distribution of moneys you’ll be receiving from
a Probate estate?  >> Now you can get a Cash Advance against YOUR SHARE of
the Inheritance. This fast cash advance will go a long way toward… avoiding late
charges on your mortgage or car payment, medical bills or college tuition fees.
Maybe you can even relax enough to take that quick vacation you’ve been postponing. 

 >>  Instead of waiting for final distribution of your inheritance funds,
simply apply to
Sea-Green Financial Services and receive the money
you need within days after completing minimal paperwork (and an OK
by the Probate Court).  – No credit history is required.
> Call now for information on Your Advance.
  (818)  594-1272 


• QUESTIONS FOR Medical Products Vendors:

   – Can you always cover your payroll with no sweat
Do you always have enough equipment and supplies on hand when Hospitals and Physicians want immediate delivery? If not, do you have the financial resources – money in the bank to quickly get hold of needed inventory or state-of-the-art equipment to fill these orders?

   –  Not sure?  Then have Medical Receivables Financing come to the rescue.Think of the big reliefyou’ll feel without the frustration of erratic and unpredictable income flow. Imagine how welcome a stream of consistent Cash Flow will be to get you back to – providing top quality medical-care products and supplies to your customers and patients.  
Get more info. on Med Receivables – (818) 594-1272

A new and growing financing niche is now available to you

     Credit Card Cash Advances  for Retail businesses, such as
RestaurantsPharmaciesGeneral Mdse. stores

>>  Does your RETAIL Business need additional capital in a hurry? 
Did those extra purchases of “seasonal inventory” put you in a Cash Bind?
Did paying for a sudden equipment breakdown put you deeper in debt?
>>  If your banker has turned you down, but your Customers bring in
credit card sales of at least $5,000 per monthCongratulations!
You meet the initial qualifications.

You don’t write monthly checks to pay down this unique type of  financing. Really? You bet. What you DO is…. Call us for details. 
(818) 594-1272


  • You get expedited service:  We ‘match you’ with the right top-notch funding company that not only understands your requirements but can get you the Cash you require on Your time schedule.
  • As a Business Owner,  when you are Flush With Cash, do you realize how much more you can achieve? You can expand your product lines – increase your marketing efforts – get early-pay discounts from suppliers – open up multiple locations – and easily pay down debt. That and more is what “ready access to cash flow” will do for you.
  • And for Individualsyou can accomplish more of what you’ve always wanted to do when you convert some of those periodic payments you’re receiving into a lump sum of cash. – You can now meet any medical emergencies … make those long-awaited upgrades to your home… pay for increased school tuition, or… take that well-deserved vacation!

  • With Marcie’s strong business experience (25+ years) in the Financial Services, Investment Banking industries and the Legal community, clients feel confident that her understanding of the lingo and business nuances will lead to your enjoying the fruits of your labor more quickly.
Now that you know where to go**
when your banking sources tell you no —

 **call us now !**

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