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Attorney Andrew J.  – remarked that Marcie handled the details for his office and his client very professionally. His client’s financial resources had all seemed to dry up on her just when she needed them the most.-  However, thanks to Marcie’s efforts, her funder got the client a cash advance before her case settled. This money allowed the client not only to keep current on her financial obligations and get training for a new job skill, but she got a larger settlement because she had sufficient financing that enabled her to “wait out” the negotiating period.

Richard G., Esq. – thought our services were terrific. He
didn’t know if his unusual request (with an unknown time
horizon) could be accomplished.  We researched all the
details and got him Legal funding when he needed it.  Now
he’s relaxing (chasing beauties) on the beach, having fun.

fit runner


Landscape Architect, Chris S.  –  was skeptical at first.  He thought it couldn’t be done because of a past financial problem.  But we did it! We got him funded – his way!  We literally ran around (…thinking of the sparkling beach….) to find him the Business Funder that suited his requirements and met his ongoing financial needs. Now his business is once again thriving.

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