Where Do You Go… When Your Cash Flow Gets Low?

You go to the source of  “Alternative” funds.

And where is the source? – It’s still not the banks these days. Why is that? It’s because these traditional financiers remain under tight credit restrictions and higher reserves.

For B2B* Businesses – it’s many Private (and some Public) Finance Companies that have been providing “Alternative Funding” to businesses, large and small, in a zillion different industries, for decades.

They’re called variously – Factors, Invoice Funders, and Invoice Factors.

And in recent years, additional “Specialty Funders” have come on the
scene that are providing not only…
•   Revenue-based funding,
•   Unsecured Business financing (UBF),
•   Business Express Funding (BEL),
•   Business-Directed Retirement Account (BDRA)
•  “O% Processing Fee” Merchant Accounts to businesses of all sizes!

And how do you find these Factors, and other  Alternative funding companies?
You find top-notch, reliable funders through Consultants and Brokers like Sea-Green Financial Services who’ve been working with these financial institutions for many years.

And what do these Consultants and Brokers bring to the table?
Plenty. We’ve got the training, the connections and the commitment to get you the
best funder that meets your needs – be they  • spot funding, • from time-to-time
funding, or • monthly funding services. It’s your choice when you work with our
funding providers and their flexible programs.

OK – Are you saying that I don’t have to commit to a minimum amount of funding every month?
That’s exactly what we’re saying. Our Funders’ programs are indeed ‘Flexible’ – because they’re set up to accommodate Your Cash Flow Needs when you need it.

In addition to no minimum monthly commitments with Factoring,
you get… quick
approval and fast funding when you submit the
short list of required documents and/or the invoices you want
funded.  It also means using the funds as you see fit, and not
having to conform to rigid standards that are unbending.

 Questions or Comments?  Ask them on our “Contact Us” page, or
call us at… 818/ 594-1272.

*B2B = Biz to Biz , i.e., businesses doing business with other businesses, not to consumers.
*B2G = Biz to Government – doing business with Government agencies (State, Federal, etc.)
– These businesses offer credit terms to customers by issuing invoices for work completed for them.

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