See How FAST Your Business Will Grow. . . When You ACCELERATE Your Cash Flow!

 ⇒ In a Perpetual CASH BIND waiting for customer payments?
 Erratic Cash Flow straining your ability to Meet Payroll?
 Business Growing Stronger but you’re NOT yet “Bankable”?

Stop chasing after payments & struggling to get funded!
Start using Alternative Financing, and enjoy the bliss
.          of
Consistent Cash Flow & meeting payroll On Time!

YOUR FUNDING OPTIONS Now  Include:               
   1. Unsecured Business Funding  -> no collateral needed
   2. Unsecured Personal Funding  -> no collateral needed
.  3. SBA or Business Term Funding  -> great low rates
   4. Revenue Based Business Funding -> credit glitches OK)
.  5. 401K Retirement Funding {‘ROBS’ program}
.  6.
Equipment Leasing  -> Preserve your capital outlays
.  7. Invoice Financing *Factoring*  -> get cash in 2 days
.  8. NEW!  Commercial Real Estate Loans -> interest only option
.  9. NEW! Defaulted Loans [non-performing] Call:(424)394-1672

So now start enjoying these Perks:
    Cash-in-Hand… gets you better Vendor Terms, buy in bulk 
No more cash flow Crunches… handle more & larger accounts

    .  Generate more sales quickly… and qualify for more Cash
     .  Upgrade your equipment,… Retain good employees
.  Expand your Marketing programs… online & offline 

    .  Accelerate your Cash Flow… and see your Profits Grow

What Kinds of Companies are enjoying these perks? 

MANUFACTURERS National Distributors / Wholesalers of  PRODUCTS:
     Apparel  Toys   Furniture   Medical Equipment   ♦ Computers
 .    ♦ Sports & Fitness Equipment   ♦ Gifts & Accessories   ♦  Tools 

  SERVICES:  Architects   Graphic Artists   ♦ Commercial Printers

     Staffing Agencies   Security Guard firms   ♦ Defense Contractors 
      Retailers:  restaurants,  pharmacies,  gift shops,  fitness centers 

Your Gain is our only Business –    

Your business and financial needs are our first concern. We “listen to you” and get you instant working capital as soon as your account is set up. 

Our team and our underwriters work with top national lending institutions and private investors. W take the time to understand your industry, learn your distinct financial situation, and discuss several of our multiple financing programs you may qualify for. We even show you strategies to skillfully use your new financing tools to help propel more business-generating power, keeping you far ahead of the competition.

With your new Factoring Program or Alternative Financing in place, your
New BUSINESS MODEL now looks like this:

Money is deposited in your bank account just when You need it!
You’re handling larger accounts; you’re attracting higher-quality business, you’re even getting supplier discounts ’cause you can now pay early or buy in larger quantities.  You’re also under far less stress yet enjoying greater productivity, all the while accelerating your cash flow, revenues and bottom line profits.

“Business as usual” for you is more fulfilling now that it’s growing faster, smoother, and better than ever! 

So, now that you know where to go
other financing sources tell you no — 
Get started now – call us at:
*424/ 394-1672*



E-mail: Marcie@seagreen4cashflow.com

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